Query Generation Module

  • Version 1

A query generation module is responsible for generating SPARQL queries based on the outputs of preceding two modules, a template generation and a disambiguation modules.


Example query: How many students does the Free University in Amsterdam have? one pseudo query (from the output of template generation) one set of disambiguation (from the output of disambiguation)

  "query": "SELECT ?v2 WHERE { ?v1 ?p1 ?v2 . }", 
    {"s":"v1", "p":"a", "o":"owl:NamedIndividual"},
    {"s":"v1", "p":"verbalization", "o":"owl:NamedIndividual"},
    {"s" "var": "v1", "form": "Free University in Amsterdam", "annotation":  }, 
    {"var": "p1", "form": "students", "annotation": "owl:DatatypeProperty" } 
  "score": 0.5
   "entities": [
       "var": "v1", 
       "value": "http://dbpedia.org/resource/Free_University_of_Berlin",
       "type": "DBpedia:University",
       "score": 0.3
   "properties": [
       "var": "p1",
       "value": "http://dbpedia.org/property/students",
       "score": 0.7


list of SPARQL queries

  {"query":"SELECT ...", "score":0.5},